Gog Envy


The GOG Envy Paintball Gun, available exclusively in black, is a game-changer for both entry-level players and field rental users. This paintball gun is built using the latest technology, ensuring an unmatched performance that sets it apart from other

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Gog Enmey Pro


The GoG eNMEy Pro Marker is a paintball gun that is designed to be reliable, easy to maintain, and affordable. It is a mechanical marker, meaning it doesn't require batteries or electronics to operate. It features a pneumatic design that eliminates the

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Gog Enmey


The GOG eNMEy is a mechanical paintball marker known for its reliability and ease of use, making it a popular choice for beginners and recreational players. It features a lightweight design and operates using a low-pressure pneumatic design, which

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Mac Dev Clone 5 Infinity


Detailed Specs


Operating pressure: 100psi

Allowable air input pressure: up to 1000psi

Barrel thread: Autococker

Detent: MacDev VX


Length: 228mm (538mm with barrel)

Height: 202mm

Width: 34mm

Weight: 965g (including battery &

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Yaptor.com: Revolutionizing the Paintball and Airsoft Experience

In the adrenaline-fueled world of paintball and airsoft, having the right gear and knowledge can significantly enhance your experience. Yaptor.com, a dedicated platform for paintball and

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Mac Dev Drone


The Mac Dev Drone Paintball Gun 

The Ultimate Paintball Adventure Awaits with the Mac Dev Drone

Are you ready to take your paintball game to new heights? Look no further than the Mac Dev Drone Paintball Gun! This cutting-edge marker combines precision,

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Dangerous Power Threshold


The Dangerous Power Threshold

Are you ready for an adrenaline-pumping paintball experience like no other? Look no further! The Dangerous Power Threshold paintball gun is here to take your game to the next level. Packed with cutting-edge features and

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Dangerous Power Rev-i


The Dangerous Power Rev-i Paintball Gun!

A Paintball Gun Like No Other

Get ready to elevate your paintball game with the Dangerous Power Rev-i Paintball Gun! This isn't just any paintball marker; it's a game-changer, a statement, a tool that will make

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Dangerous Power G4


The Dangerous Power G4 Paintball Gun!

Unleash Your Potential on the Paintball Field

Imagine this: You're in the middle of a thrilling paintball match. Your heart is racing, adrenaline pumping, and you're ready to make your move. What do you need in

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Dangerous Power Fusion FX


Dangerous Power Fusion FX Paintball Gun

Paintball Like Never Before

Have you ever dreamt of being the star of your paintball team, outshining your mates with your skills and gear? Well, your dream is about to come true with the Dangerous Power Fusion

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