The GoG eNMEy Pro Marker is a paintball gun that is designed to be reliable, easy to maintain, and affordable. It is a mechanical marker, meaning it doesn't require batteries or electronics to operate. It features a pneumatic design that eliminates the need for springs, metal-on-metal moving parts, and ensures a smooth, rapid-fire action. The Pro version of the eNMEy comes with a Freak Barrel Kit, On/Off ASA and a Clamping Feedneck.

Key Features:

True Pneumatic Design: No hammer, no sear, no metal-on-metal wear points - for field rental use, there are no batteries to worry about.

Regulation Performance: The eNMEy valve system offers a range of velocity adjustment from 100fps to 300fps. Out of the box, with its stock .693 insert, it is set to 280fps.

Spool Valve Design: This tournament proven system delivers both speed and accuracy.

Low-Force Anti-Chop: The low force bolt clears ball jams while eliminating 'bolt stick' and 'first shot drop off'.

Composite/Aluminum Components: The eNMEy's main valve and bolt are aluminum, precision machined for performance and durability. The outer body and frame are high-strength, glass-reinforced Nylon making the eNMEy lightweight yet durable.

Lifetime Warranty to original purchaser: Some restrictions apply.

CO2 Compatible: An integrated relief valve completely protects the valve components from pressure spikes associated with liquid CO2.

Safety: The eNMEy features a redundant safety system, and is designed to prevent the marker from firing unless the user has both a firm grip on the marker and has pulled the trigger.

Serviceability: The main valve and bolt can be removed, cleaned, inspected and reassembled in seconds.

Low Maintenance/Low Cost: The eNMEy has been designed to be easy on the owner. Basic cleaning and oiling is all that's required for most maintenance. In the case of a significant malfunction, all parts are affordable and easy to replace.

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