The GOG Envy Paintball Gun, available exclusively in black, is a game-changer for both entry-level players and field rental users. This paintball gun is built using the latest technology, ensuring an unmatched performance that sets it apart from other paintball guns on the market.

The GOG Envy Paintball Gun boasts an impressive firing rate of 11 balls per second (bps), which can be upgraded to over 25 bps with a QEV and board. This high firing rate ensures that you always stay ahead in the game.

Unique Features for an Exceptional Experience

The GOG Envy Paintball Gun is equipped with a hammer-free Electro-pneumatic Design, which makes it one of the most advanced paintball guns available today. It operates on a simple 9-volt battery, making it easy to use and maintain.

This paintball gun also features a light microswitch trigger and a 2-point adjustable trigger, providing you with a comfortable and customisable shooting experience.

Easy Maintenance and Upgrades

The GOG Envy Paintball Gun is designed for easy maintenance with a bolt out back design. It also features low bolt pressure anti-chop technology, making it a reliable choice for any paintball enthusiast.

For maintenance and repair, you can purchase GR33SE Lubricant, Screw Kit, Seal Kit, and Detent Kit separately.

Stand Out with the GOG Envy Paintball Gun

The GOG Envy Paintball Gun is field legal and features Seal Forward Technology and a Max-Flo R Vertical Regulator. It also comes with a standard Smart Parts Barrel Thread, ensuring that you stand out in every game.

Interesting Fact

Did you know that the GOG Envy Paintball Gun is available in two different versions? You can choose between the UK version, which is semi-auto only, and the US version, which is field adjustable and includes semi-auto, fully auto, and 3 shot burst modes.

Technical Specifications

Colour: Black

Firing Rate: 11 bps (upgradable to 25+ with QEV and board)

Design: Hammer-free Electro-pneumatic

Operation: 9-Volt Battery

Trigger: Light Microswitch, 2-Point Adjustable

Maintenance: Bolt out back design

Technology: Low Bolt Pressure Anti-Chop

Regulator: Max-Flo R Vertical Regulator

Feed Breech: Vertical, Clamping Feedneck

Barrel Thread: Standard Smart Parts Barrel Thread

Modes (UK version): Semi-auto only

Modes (US version): Field adjustable (semi-auto, fully auto, 3 shot burst)

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