We want to keep this site safe and easy to use, for this reason, we do have a number of rules and procedures that it is important to follow for a hassle free transaction.

General Rules

1) When listing something for sale, always include the postage costs. This is so that a buyer can just press "Buy Now", secure the item and pay you instantly. So, if you want £100 for your gun and it's £7.50 for postage, then list your guns as £107.50 and make sure in the description you make it known that postage is included.

2) When buying, always always always use Paypal "Goods and Services". That way you are covered. Unless you actually know the seller, do not ever use "Friends and Family".

3) Be realistic about the price of your gun or goods. If you bought it for £400, 6 years ago, it's unlikely to be worth £375.

4) It is your responsibility as a seller to make sure that the following is observed. We take no responsibility with regard to who you make a sale to. We are a platform that brings buyers and sellers together for mutual benefit.

5) Please upload at least 1 photo, if you don't upload a photo, we'll delete it.

6) Max 4 photo's per ad. Max size per photo is 5mb. If you can't upload a photo, it's probably over 5mb.

Airsoft Rules
1) All buyers must be over 18 years of age, there are no exceptions.
2) All buyers must have a valid Airsoft defence if your airsoft gun is not two tone.
3) A valid defence would be..
    (a) The purposes of a museum or gallery;
    (b) The purposes of theatrical performances and of rehearsals for such performances;
    (c) The production of films (within the meaning of Part 1 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (c. 48)_see section 5B of that Act);
    (d) The production of television programmes (within the meaning of the Communications Act 2003 (c. 21)_see section 405(1) of that Act);
    (e) The organisation and holding of historical re-enactments organised and held by persons specified or described for the purposes of this section by regulations     made by the Secretary of State;
    (f) The purposes of functions that a person has in his capacity as a person in the service of Her Majesty.

Paintball Rules
1) All buyers must be over 18 years of age, there are no exceptions.

Air Rifles
1) All buyers must be over 18 years of age, there are no exceptions.

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